Prefolds Made Simple

Without further ado, here is the first entry by our guest blogger! Libby has a vast knowledge of prefolds, so if you have any questions please feel free to comment here for her. You can also contact us directly if you prefer! 😀

Sometimes new and improved doesn’t mean better.  Prefolds are a perfect example of this. Affordable and functional, prefolds can be a wonderful choice when deciding to cloth diaper. With multiple kinds of covers, types of folds and ways to fasten (pins and Snappis), they really are a versatile choice when cloth diapering. I prefer simple when using prefolds and use 2 different folds, the tri-fold and quad-fold. Using these 2 folds requires a snug fitting PUL cover or wool wrap. Tri-folding and laying in a snug fitting cover is simple and effective. Simply lay the prefold flat on the ground, longest edges vertical, and fold three times and lay flat inside a cover. Basically you have just created an all in two diaper. There will be extra diaper in the front which requires folding in. This extra amount can be great when diapering a boy by increasing absorbency in the wet zone.

If you find tri-folding leaves too much in the front creating extra bulk, quad-folding will cut down on excess. Simply lay the prefold flat on the ground, longest edges horizontal, and fold into fours. This fold fits perfectly in covers with a liner to accept  both ends of your prefold. To me, the biggest benefit of quad-folding is when you tuck the ends in the cover you get no sliding around of the prefold. This also allows you to use a prefold that may be a bit to large for your baby thus cutting down on purchasing multiple sizes.

Of course, for a perfectly snug fit you can use pins or Snappis. Using pins and Snappis allows for the use of a variety of different covers. A simple traditional fold for use with a Snappi or pins is a variation on the tri-fold.  Again, lay the prefold flat with the long edges vertical.  Tri-fold the prefold then open the top to create a spot for your baby’s bum.  Lay baby on top and fold up the front.  Grab one edge from the back and bring forward to grab with a Snappi or pin.  Repeat on the other side.  If using a Snappi, then pull the center hook down towards you and secure firmly.  I prefer folding because my babies figure out both pins and Snappis very early on, but if I need a very trim option I pull out my pins.

Prefolds can be a great choice if you have chosen cloth diapering to save money. They can also be your  best friend if rash or irritation becomes a problem for your baby. Non diaper safe creams can be used with prefolds as they can be boiled and laundered more harshly than other types of cloth diapers.

Don’t be afraid of prefolds! They really are a simple and natural way to cloth diaper.

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3 Responses to Prefolds Made Simple

  1. Juana says:

    Interesting! I had never heard of the quad-fold, I’ll have to try that. Great blog post btw!

  2. Malia G. says:

    Wonderful info! I had never heard of the quad-fold either…definitely going to use that when the new baby is here!

  3. Really interesting. I heard for the first time about the quad-fold diapers, I think new born baby will comfortable with these. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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