Laundry – How do I Wash my Cloth Diapers?!

One of the most pressing questions when deciding to cloth diaper, is ‘How am I going to wash these?’  We have found that the best thing to do is start with the most basic routine possible and then adjust as necessary. Everyone has different diapers, different detergent and different water, but typically we’ve found that a basic routine is the best!  Here is the most basic routine:
  • Rinse or do a short wash cycle on Cold with no detergent
  • Long/Heavy Duty cycle on Hot with detergent (Warm when washing fitted cloth diapers).
  • Extra Rinse on Cold or Warm if you can.

*If you have the option of rinsing on Warm, this works better at removing residue and buildup.

**If using a front loading wash machine, utilize your ‘add water’ function and add a wet towel to your wash drum or dump a bucket of water on top of your diapers.  Your diapers will absorb the water and both of these methods will make your washer think your load is heavier than it is causing it to use more water.  Do this in your rinse and wash cycles!  Water is your friend when washing cloth diapers!

***If you see any suds in your water, you will need to continue to rinse until your suds are gone to prevent detergent buildup.

There you have it!  This is an easy and basic wash routine that works very well for most people.   If you have any questions or are having trouble with your wash routine, please feel free to leave us a comment our use our contact us link to email us and we will try to help you out!

You can find more tips under our Cloth Diaper 101 Category right here on our blog!

We also have a Diaper 101 Section on our website!

🙂  Stacey & Megan

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